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DIVI•hub is a crowdfunding 2.0 platform and the future of the creative economy. The evolution of content consumption has changed over the decades. From being a spectator when television became affordable to having plans as financial supporters. Now, it is time for the revolution of content consumption whereby the user is a partner of the content and creators and becomes a hyper-fan. This means that, in addition to supporting the projects you love and believe in, it is also possible to receive revenue from them.

A DIVI is a representation of a security that can be purchased on the DIVIhub Application for $10. As it is a security, it is an investment of either revenue shares or equity.

DIVI•hub is the name of the application and DIVI is the nickname of every bit of the project being shared. Simply put, DIVI•hub is the app you use to buy your DIVIs.

In practice, yes. By purchasing DIVIs, you become a partner in the success of the project you have chosen. It's a way of investing in what you believe in, in your passions, in the content you consume and share. And the best thing is that you still have the possibility to make money with it.

Not. In fact, DIVI goes the opposite way to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as the price is not set purely by speculation.

To buy DIVIs from DIVI•hub, you must use the app, which is compatible with mobile devices with Android operating system from Android 9.0 and iOS from iOS 10.

Search for DIVI•hub in your app store. We are on Google Play and the IOS App Store.

Today the application works on Android devices from Android 9.0 and iOS from iOS 10.

For Brazilian users, in order to register in the application, you need to provide your CPF number (Brazil Social Security Number). The person registering must be in good standing with the Brazilian Federal Revenue, (this can be seen from the CPF number). The applicant may have to also produce his/her RG, CNH or RNM. For security reasons, the application needs to identify that the person appearing in the document is the same person in the selfie, so we recommend that you use a recent ID, CNH or RNM.

Yes, you can rest assured that DIVI•hub is completely legal and compliant in Brazil. The application has the full approval from the CVM (Comissão de Valores Mobiliário) which is the regulator of the investment market here in Brazil.

DIVI•hub accepts credit cards, Pix and Boleto. When using a card, all you need to do is inform the bank when buying your DIVIs. Pix is also utilized directly on your purchase order - just copy the code and pay in your bank's app. Regarding the Boleto option, the purchaser first needs to pay the Boleto to load his/her digital wallet in order to make the purchase. Please pay attention as the purchase may take up to 48 hours to be cleared. Soon, we will begin offering debit cards as a payment option. Stay tuned on our social media to keep up with the news.